State Rep. Dennis Casey said today that he supports Gov. Mary Fallin’s decision to make cannabidiol oil legally available for the children who would benefit from its use.


Casey received a letter from the family of Zoey Johnson. Zoey’s family is from Perry, but she and her mother, Mallory, moved to Colorado to receive cannabidiol oil treatment after suffering from multiple seizures daily. After her first treatment, she was able to speak eight words and write her name for the first time.


Conservative leaders like Fallin have not changed in their opposition to recreational marijuana or more general medical marijuana, but have been moved by the plight of children in the state like Zoey, who could benefit from a limited use of a marijuana-derived treatment, Casey said.


“Zoey lives in Colorado right now, so that she can receive the treatment,” said Casey, R-Morrison. “I would like to see her able to return home. I think there is growing support for her and children like her. We are going to work to make a change in our laws in the upcoming session.”


Another topic mentioned in the letter was a Colorado policy that allows citizens to become paid caretakers of children who face great difficulties. Some of these parents, who might otherwise become welfare cases, would benefit from a different status that allowed them to care for these children, the letter explains.


“I think this is opening up a wonderful new discussion that fits right in with the family values that so many Oklahomans hold dear,” Casey said. “I have not yet examined the Colorado policies in depth. I do know that the governor has opened up a new door that will allow for reasonable discussions of state drug policies and other health care-related issues.”