DAVIS — A car accident has cost a Davis fast-pitch softball player the final season of her prep career.

Forget the game for a second.

Meghan Williams said she’s lucky to be alive.

One of her best friends, fellow senior Casady Webb, agreed.

“She’s very lucky,” Webb said.

Against Wynnewood on Thursday, Williams’ teammates wore eye black across their faces, the two digits of her number 20 drawn on each cheek — the two on the right one and the zero on the left cheek.

With both legs fully extended as she cheered for her teammates, Williams sat in a wheelchair at the edge of the dugout. Her mother, Jennifer Haxton, said that game was the most she has seen her daughter smile since the accident.

About a month ago, Williams was involved in a head-on collision with a semi. The injuries she sustained are multiple and significant.

“It’s been an emotional roller coaster,” Haxton said.

Williams fights to maintain a positive perspective.

“I have to think that it could’ve been a lot worse, that I’m alive and nobody else got hurt,” she said. “It’s hard, but you’ve gotta look at the positives.

“Not getting to play the sport that you love, it’s not very fun. It sucks. Not getting to spend time with your best friends out on the field is not very good. I cry a lot. I’ve never cried this much before in my life. But everything happens for a reason.”

Williams said she has started therapy, that she is driven by her goal to walk again before everyone thinks she’ll be able to do so.

“I want it so bad,” Williams said.

Webb said it’s been tough for her and Ashley Kile, the senior left fielder.

“She’s like our best friend,” Webb said. “Everybody’s having a tough time, but we’re having the toughest time.”

Added Kile, “We’re missing somebody, ya know?”