Although I’m a bit obsessed with following trends, basically I’m a traditional gal. When it comes to choosing powerhouse foods to feed my family, I’m not looking for something that will be hot on the plate today and passé tomorrow; I want foods I can count on every day. Many health professionals have their own lists of the foods they believe to have the most healing powers, and if you put each list side-by-side, some foods would even overlap. For the most part, there are certain foods that truly stand out from the rest.


Those are the foods that are superfoods; healthy picks that are packed with vital nutrients that please your body and mind. These foods should also be easily accessible, affordable, and, of course, enjoyable.


As a nutritionist, many people ask what I eat on a daily basis and why these items are my go-to choices. It might seem obvious that fruits and vegetables would rule most lists, but superfoods can be found in every aisle of the supermarket and at any price range. These superstars won’t break the bank and they can be purchased all year long in one form or another, whether frozen, fresh, or canned. Though I could compile a list that would look more like a book than a blog…here is one of my personal faves:




Here’s a good reason to be blue: blueberries are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, and are lower in sugar than some other fruits. Enjoy a cup of nature’s candy for just 84 calories, 4g fiber, almost no fat, and even 1g protein to help improve memory and fight off cancer. Freeze fresh blues in a single layer and store to enjoy them in smoothies and baked goods all winter.