Senator James Lankford (R-OK) Friday issued the following statement on the news that the Obama administration is purchasing from Iran 32 tons of heavy water, material used to produce atomic-weapons, to help them reach their Nuclear Deal responsibility:

"Today's announcement that the US will buy Iran's heavy water, a key component of nuclear-weapon development, continues to reinforce my suspicions about the President's Nuclear Deal. Each day brings a new American concession and a new benefit for Iran. The administration needs to explain how this new side deal of more than $8 million does not directly finance terrorism and supply Iran with American dollars. 

“While the United States normally purchases heavy water for our industrial and scientific research, we typically purchase this material from our allies. Today, the administration not only subsidized Iran's developing nuclear program, but it also encouraged American companies and other countries to do the same. We have now moved from opposing Iran's nuclear program, to promoting the program.

“While the President was in Saudi Arabia, Iran launched yet another rocket to advance their long-range missile program. Will our $8 million finance terror, nuclear technology or rockets? I introduced my Iran Nuclear Accountability resolution to hold Iran to the highest standards of compliance and ensure we remain focused on the goal of peace. Today's news shows that we need to be precise and vigilant with Iran."


Senator Lankford is the only Senator on both the Intelligence Committee and the Homeland Security Committee.