Editors note: It’s no secret there are hard working dogs and cats. But while some are tending to traditional animal jobs, like herding cattle or mousing in barns, others are going to work with their owners and are performing “people” jobs at local stores and offices, like this week’s canine, Roy.

 Name and occupation:

Roy, a small, compact, and hardy Beagle, became an apprentice at Cooper True Value Auto Store in Davis, when, as a wee pup 12 years ago, he was a birthday present to store owner, Chuck Cooper. He immediately began learning the retail business and while his breed is known as natural born hunters, it was discovered Roy’s good looks and friendly personality also made him a natural for retail sales. 

 Special talents:

Almost from the start of his career Roy’s unique ability to love everyone on sight put him at the front door where he enthusiastically greeted every customer. A gifted and skilled performer, Roy was eager to demonstrate his inventory of masterful tricks. Always the entertainer, Roy was also always ready, willing and able to show off his collection of toys and agreeable to playing any doggie game a customer might choose. 

But Roy’s most impressive talent is singing. Although the uneducated might refer to Roy’s vocals as baying, it’s definitely music — at least to doggie ears. In fact, Roy’s solos are basically love songs. Songs about yummy, aromatic wonderful food, because like most of his breed, Roy is a scent hound. The scent he likes most? Snacks. So, fans drop by daily to hear Roy croon a tune and feed him treats. 

 What makes him perfect for his people job/s:

Roy is no longer a youngster and as the year’s have passed most of his get up and go has frankly gotten up and gone. However, he’s still Mr. Personality, when he’s not napping in one of the store aisles and he is still a valued member of the staff. The good news is Roy’s business partner, Chuck says with maturity his best buddy developed another skill that is necessary in any well-managed retail outlet. Roy has become a watch dog. Of course, he’s mainly watching to see who might be bringing him treats, but don’t discount his ability to head the store’s security detail.                                                               

If you have or know of a dog or cat that works a people job let us know. Send an email to yournews@ardmoreite.com with the animal’s name, the name of the owner and where the special dog or cat works and contact information.