Editors note: It’s no secret there are hard working dogs and cats. But while some are tending to traditional animal jobs, like herding cattle or mousing in barns, others are going to work with their owners and are performing “people” jobs at local stores and offices. Some dogs and cats have been on-the-job for years, others like this 10-week-old are interning as they learn the work day ropes at their people jobs. 

Name and occupation:

Pepper isn’t a full time employee at Carter County Animal Hospital yet. But she’s learning how to be a receptionist assistant when she comes to work a few days a week with her owner, Laci Norman, who is the first person patients and their owners see when they come through the door. Of course, Pepper can’t be on-the-job for a full eight hours because she’s still a baby who needs lots of naps. So when she can’t hold her eyes open a minute longer, she curls up in her bed under Norman’s desk and catches some z’s.

Special talents: Pepper, when she’s awake, doesn’t miss a beat or any person or pet who comes through the front door of Carter County Animal Hospital. She’s bright-eyed, if not particularly bushy-tailed, and her ears are at stand-up attention as she practices her meet and greet skills. 

“She likes to be petted and if you don’t pet her, she lets you know,” Norman said.

She’s also more than ready to be friends with any patient, regardless if they’re canine or not. In fact, during her interview with The Ardmoreite, Pepper let it be known she was especially interested in getting better acquainted with a parrot who had come for a checkup.

However, meeting and greeting is just part of the job, and Pepper is intent on learning all aspects of the position from using the computer keyboard and studying the computer screen to learning proper telephone etiquette. She might have a few problems learning to type, but if she can just learn to speak English she just might have a shot at becoming the telephone voice of the CCAH.

What makes Pepper perfect for her people job? Although she’s still an intern, Pepper has already learned appearance plays a major role when your manning the front desk and she’s all about putting her best fashion paw forward. That’s why she’s concentrating on developing her personal style. She’s a sweater girl. She looks good and she knows it. 

She also knows co-worker relationships are important. So, even though Norman is her #1 human at work and at home, she has worked hard to become friends with her human and canine co-workers and they all love her.

Finally, she’s true to her breed – outgoing, playful, bold, protective, tenacious, friendly. Who wouldn’t want an employee with those character traits?

If you have or know of a dog or cat that works a people job let us know. Send an email to yournews@ardmoreite.com with the animal’s name, the name of the owner and where the special dog or cat works and contact information.