Bids were received Monday for the remodel of the Noble Energy building where some Carter County offices will be relocated, but were tabled until next week.
District 1 Commissioner Joe David McReynolds said tabling the bids will allow them to look over each bid with the help of their architect, Larry Blackledge. Commissioners are expected to award the bid next week.
A total of four bids were received including the following:
• Pope Contracting, Inc. $1,184,500
• Kornhass Construction, Inc. $1,198,000, plus $18,000
• Fenix Constructors, Inc. $1,298,000
• Midway Construction, Inc. $1,311,246
“I’d like to thank all of you guys for bidding this project, personally,” Blackledge said. “It takes a lot of time and forms to do it. There’s a lot of effort on their part, as well as expense. So thank you all very much.”
District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord said the board also appreciates the companies, adding that it is “a lot of work.”
The Noble Energy building, 110 W Broadway St., will eventually house county offices including the county commissioners, treasurer and assessor once the remodel is complete.

Commissioners also approved an interlocal cooperation agreement between the city of Healdton and Carter County Sheriff’s Office on Monday. Sheriff Chris Bryant said it is a dispatch services agreement.
“Right now they don’t have any dispatching services so what we’re going to do is, we’lre going to go in and do the dispatching for them for $3,250 per month,” Bryant said.
The agreement is an annual contract that will expire at the end of the fiscal year, or June 30. At that point, Bryant said they will look at the amount of services provided and may renegotiate the cost.
“We’ll look at it again in a year and see what it is and then go up or down depending on the amount of traffic,” he said.
A resolution for a Fair Board election was approved Monday, calling for an election of three Fair Board members to represent each county district. The election is set for Feb. 15.
A road crossing permit was approved as “bore only” for Jefferson County Rural Water District No. 1. Alvord said the permit is for a water line on Cimarron Road between Memorial Road and U.S. Highway 70.
Other items approved Monday included:
• Recommendations on board members for Sneed Fire Department for 2017
• Monthly appropriations
• County officers’ reports
• Requisitions and purchase orders for county highway, general government and all cash accounts