LONE GROVE — The Lone Grove Board of Education met Monday, approving the refinancing of its new auditorium and adding the remaining balance to the 2016 bond issue.
“We knew that we were going to refinance our auditorium, which was on separate financing,” Superintendent Meri Jayne Miller said. “We are basically refinancing and rolling in the outstanding lease purchase on the auditorium and adding new money for our Phase One 2016 bond projects.”
The proceeds of the new money is not to exceed $3,465,000, she said.
The auditorium, located off of U.S. Highway 70 and Meridian Road, was originally part of a 2008 bond series totaling approximately $10 million. Voters approved another $10 million  bond issue at the beginning of 2016 that included an expansion of the auditorium, in addition to various upgrades, additional classrooms and classroom renovations.
Miller said the board is not “co-mingling” 2008 and 2016 bond money and all monies will be tracked independently for each bond.
“We have a team of attorneys to make sure that everything we’re doing is legal,” Miller said. “The team has reviewed this and presented it to the board.”
The auditorium is expected to be complete this month. A new parking area will also accompany the new facility. Other Phase One projects include renovations at the district’s intermediate site, upgrades to the athletic field areas and middle school gym repairs.
The board approved the addition of three new board policies and made amendments to others on Monday, as well.
“Some of our board policies needed to be refreshed,” Miller said, adding the additions and the updated policies were made in order to ensure they were in compliance with state statutes, or because language needed to be updated.
An Open Records Act policy and Open Records Act regulations were two of the added policies. The third was a school security drills policy.
Amendments were made to board policies including some of the following:
• Travel and expenses
• Reporting suspected child abuse and/or neglect
• Suspected child abuse report form
• Disaster drills and change title to safety drills
• Evaluation of administrative personnel
• Principal’s evaluation
• Teacher evaluation