For the students and teachers of Plainview Primary Elementary, the first 100 days of school couldn’t have gone by faster.
“It seems to go by faster every year,” Julie Rayburn, Plainview second grade teacher, said of the 100th day.
The 100th day of instruction signals 100 days of learning, growing and improving for the teachers and students of Plainview Primary. With 165 days of school between August and May, the 100th day begins the home stretch for the school year, with the book quickly closing on the 2016-2017 school year. Plainview Primary principal Lisa Moore said the 100th day of school is always a special occasion.
“They’ve been counting down to this for a while,” Moore said. “All the classes do something different and fun.”
The three-digit milestone is embraced in different ways at the elementary school, with classes doing varying activities from counting 100 snacks, singing songs based around 100 and working the numeral into the lessons for the day. Moore said the teachers get creative with the 100th day and make sure the milestone is celebrated effectively.
“It’s engaging and it’s educational,” she said. “They’re learning while also doing these fun activities.”
Stephanie McGuire and Mekenzi Love’s classes decided to role-play for the 100th day of school, with the teachers and their students dressing in clothing they believe a 100-year-old person would wear. Students walked the halls of the primary school with wigs, canes, outdated textiles and giant-rimmed glasses, doing their best impersonations of their geriatric selves.
In Love’s class, students were able to take pictures and, through the use of software, see an “aged” image of themselves. Students then wrote what they believe they will be doing when they hit their 100th birthday. Students’ answers ranged from “sitting in a rocking chair” and “being on Medicare” to ambitious claims such as “jumping off motorcycles.”
The second grade classes at Plainview Primary decided to treat students to a rotating variety of special classes, with each class moving to a different second grade teacher and a different 100 themed activity. Students guessed the outcome of 100 dice rolls in Rayburn’s class and tracked the number of different exercises they could do in 100 seconds in Whitney Weder’s classroom.
“17 seconds left,” Weder announced to the class over the sound of music while they did pushups during the 100 second time span. One student in the class claimed he did “1,000 pushups” in the 100 seconds, a feat some of his peers questioned.
Students in each class said they couldn’t believe they had reached the 100th day of school, a feat that seemed unsurpassable in August. Now, the students and teachers have turned the corner and will enter February, March, April and May, which are fueled by the fast paced atmosphere of events, tests and the final lessons of the year.
The first 100 days for the students and staff of Plainview Elementary may have gone fast, but the final months of the waning year may, potentially, fly by even faster.