First there were 100 felony, misdemeanor and traffic violation cases listed on the Carter County jury trial docket that starts Monday. Then there’s none. Friday the district attorney’s office confirmed the criminal case trial plate was clean. Similar circumstances on the civil case side of the docket has resulted in settlements and resolutions with only one civil case remaining set for trial.
The trial docket originally included more than 70 felony trials, with some defendants facing more than one trial. What happened in those cases? Trial docket records show the following:
Defendants entering pleas:
• Travis James Hignight — possession of marijuana
• Trevelle Dayquan Reynolds - possession of marijuana
• Lewis Gerado Romero – embezzlement of rental property
• Larry Darnell Wright - possession methamphetamine and marijuana, prisoner placing body fluid on government employee
• Justin Carl York – aggravated DUI (alcohol)
• Jamie Beth Smith – possession of CDS
• Arsenio Wayne Walker – two counts -possession of cocaine
• Donna Lea Hargrave – possession of marijuana
• Victoria Dawn Pipes – possession of methamphetamine, three counts child neglect
• Michael Lynn Gregg — possession of methamphetamine
• Danny Dwayne Shorter – possession of methamphetamine
• Jonathon Doyle Hacker – DUI
• Teresa May Lloyd – larceny of auto
• Timothy Lewis McGaughy – 22 counts possession of juvenile pornography
• Kayte Marie Rogers – assault and battery with a deadly weapon, possession of methamphetamine
• Eric Shane Snyder — possession of stolen property
• Charlene M. Turnage – distribution of CSD
• Allysa Kaye Caldwell — assault with a dangerous weapon
• David Allen Holybee — possession of hydrocodone and DUI
• Curtis LaDon Burrows — two counts possession of methamphetamine, leaving the scene of injury accident, felonious possession of firearm
• Brittany Alisha Collins – child neglect
• William James Barnard — possession of methamphetamine
• Epigmenio Navarro Carra — shooting with intent to kill, possession of firearms after former conviction
• Amanda Suzeanne Fitzgerald – possession of methamphetamine
• Caleb Wynn Hacker — first-degree burglary, assault and battery with deadly weapon, possession of firearm after conviction
• Steven Ford Jenkins — assault and battery with deadly weapon
• Sean Michael Welch– two counts uttering forged instrument, possession of methadone, false impersonation of another
• Dale James Walker – DUI (drugs)
• Gregory Lee Armstrong – kidnapping, rape by instrumentation, attempted first-degree rape, felonious pointing firearm, possession of firearm in commission of felony and second-degree burglary
• Buddy Iran Burton – actual physical control (vehicle)
• Dennis Lloyd Burton – kidnapping and second-degree burglary
• Jason Matthew Faulkner— possession methamphetamine
• Charles Robert Grayson – knowingly concealing stolen property
• Daniel Anthony Cabera – DUI
• Dellfene Hooks – possession of cocaine
• Gerry Lashell Norton — possession of Alprazolam
• Monica Dela Cruz Perez — false declaration of ownership in pawn
• Aaron Michael Franks – possession of marijuana
• Samuel Junior Marshall– DUI
• Austin Blaze Smithers – larceny from a house, second-degree burglary, knowingly concealing stolen property
• Justus Lynn Swan – first-degree robbery
• George Louis Toomer – aggravated trafficking illegal drugs and possession of marijuana
Non-jury trial
• Cynthia Annette Stites — child neglect
• Susie Sherire Cavitt Arles – unauthorized use of vehicle, knowing withholding stolen property
Cases continued:
• Conner Donald Lindsey – second-degree murder
• Benjamin Julian Burris  – aggravated assault and battery
• Conan Lee Collins – first-degree murder and child neglect
• Justin Keith Taylor – attempted robbery and distribution of CDS
• Craig R. Stanford – two counts second-degree murder, knowingly concealing stolen property, second-degree burglary, possession of firearm after conviction
• Elvin Ray Sweeten – embezzlement and three counts obtaining property by false pretense
• Mary Lynn Welch — two counts assault and battery with dangerous weapon
• Simon Molina-Santana – first-degree burglary, lewd or indecent acts to a child attempted kidnapping
• Wendy Sue Devine-Bourbeau – DUI
Cases dismissed:
• Victoria Dawn Pipes – grand larceny
• Charles Gerrod Douglas – possession crack cocaine
• Jackie Carroll Blanton – felonious possession of firearm
• Amber Lee Reeson - two counts possession of stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property and possession of cocaine
Competency evaluation
• Darrell Ray Ruth
Failed to appear/warrant issued
• Rolly Gerald Sorrels — distribution of methamphetamine
• Melvin Sharah Miller — assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of methamphetamine