Several contract documents for the remodel of the Noble Energy building were signed Monday morning before contractors begin work. 

Southern Oklahoma Development Association had a few documents pertaining to the release of funds after the county was awarded a grant through the organization to get the facility up to American Disability Act standards. 

Michelle Powell with SODA told the commissioners one of the documents was for the increase in project size, while others were to make sure the agency is active and that Pope Construction is active and in good standing. 

Commissioners also approved a County Improvements for Roads and Bridges project supplement and modification agreement after there were changes in price for the Dolese Road project. 

District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord said the construction portion increased by $424,000 and the right of way portion increased by $160,000, for a total increase of $584,000. 

“I think part of that was, on the construction it was time. The Dolese Road project has been active for probably almost eight years now, so this is an adjustment supplement,” Alvord said. 

Once the county acquires all of the right of way parcels, four of which were condemned, they will be able to start moving utilities, he said. 

Two transfer of appropriations were approved, including one for the Assessors Office and one for District 1. 

The Assessors Office has a transfer from the Visual Inspection M&O account to Visual Inspection Litigation account. Alvord said when the assessor is creating values in regard to buildings, instead of going through the district attorney, which would slow things down, she is able to join other counties and use a litigation firm that has an appraiser on staff with many of the appraisals already set up. 

“So in joining with this litigation group, she gets her information more quickly and more accurately without having to wait for (the district attorney) because of an overloaded system,” Alvord said. 

District 1 transferred $24,500 from their capital outlay fund to the Sheriff’s capital outlay fund after purchasing one of the sheriff department’s pickups. 

Other items approved Monday included the following:

• Scope and fees from Pinnacle to acquire right of way parcels for the Walnut Bayou project

• County wages for 2016 to be published in the Lone Grove Ledger

• Two road crossing permits for XTO Energy in District 1 along Happy Trails Road, bore only

• A road crossing permit for Chickasaw Telephone Company in District 2 along Vista Road, bore only

• County officers’ reports

• Requisitions and purchase orders for county highway, general government and all cash accounts