Nine new broadband radios with antennas will be the last piece of a puzzle the city has been putting together for a traffic light coordination masterpiece along Commerce Street.
“Back in June we purchased new controllers that went along and this is the last piece of the puzzle and each controller will be able to talk to each other and keep the time in coordination,” said Creede Tibbs, director of technical services.
Tibbs said right now they have been going out every two to three days due to the internal clocks getting slightly off, but there should be a “remarkable” difference in the traffic flow once they have the new equipment.
The new equipment totals $11,088 and is funded through the GAPS Tax fund. The city is purchasing the equipment through Pinkley Sales Company.
“Pinkley has been down several times. We’re constantly working on trying to get that flow moving down Commerce to make it better on our citizens,” he said, adding they have been working on timing and have spent a lot of time just watching traffic and modifying the traffic plan.
The heaviest times of traffic right now are between 11:30 a.m. and 7 p.m., when the constant flow is needed, he said.
“If you are to start at Northwest Boulevard and then everything is in sync, you should be able to catch a green and go all the way, at least through Stanley and catch a green,” he said. “I’ve driven it several times during that (time) and it is obtainable.”
Once the new traffic light is installed at Chickasaw Boulevard and State Highway 142, Tibbs said they will also be coordinating lights from SH-142 all the way to Rockford Road where people are exiting Interstate 35.
“I’m very excited about the direction we’re going and serving our citizens,” Tibbs said.
City commissioners also approved a separate agenda item to replace three signal poles damaged at three separate locations. Damage occurred to poles located at Broadway and Washington streets, U.S. Highway 70 and Plainview Road and Commerce Street and Myall Road.
The city received insurance money to cover the cost of the damages from the insurance companies of the insured.
“The money was placed in our Insurance Recovery Fund for the replacement of the damaged property. The replacement of these poles were paid 100 percent from the insurance proceeds. So that took care of everything,” Finance Director Ken Campbell said.
For all three poles to be replaced, it cost $67,560.23. Midstate Traffic Control replaced the damaged property.