Editors note: It’s no secret there are hard working dogs and cats. But while some are tending to traditional animal jobs, like herding cattle or mousing in barns, others are going to work with their owners and are performing “people” jobs at local stores, offices or job sites, like the five dogs who all work part time at the American Pirate Trading Company.

Names and occupation: The number of part-time canine employees at the American Pirate Trading Company recently expanded from a quartet to a quintet when Shaena Wollaston, who owns the business with her husband, Danny, admitted she just couldn’t pass up 4-month-old Deeks when she saw him a week ago at the local shelter. Deeks is currently working everyday at the store, giving his older brothers and sisters “mental health” days away from his puppy antics. The rest of the kennel, only wild dogs are called packs, are on part-time status including Crixus, age 4, Ziva, age 9 and Demo and Chloe, both 5-year-olds. And yes, all part-time employees are rescues from shelters, except for Ziva, who just arrived at the Wollaston’s doorstep one day and took the place she was meant to occupy in the people/dog family.

Special talents: Crixus, who was called Ranger when his new mom and dad got him, agreed with Danny’s assessment that his “real” identity was attached to one of the central characters in the Spartacus series. He instantly became Crixus and his special skills include his deep voice. Crixus is definitely the one singing bass in the quintet chorus and for a big guy he has excellent maneuverability skills that puts him at the head of the welcome line when customers come through the door. Deep down, Crixus is convinced he’s the star attraction at the store.

Shaena says Ziva was “sent” to her and her husband and she is a showstopper with her beautiful slick silver coat and the most endearing toothy grin. She is also not opposed to modeling her very own T-shirts that just may have started life as part of the store’s inventory.

Chloe is the most vocal of the group and due to her diminished stature she uses her vocal skills to let customers know there are more than just the “big dogs” on the job. And yes, where there is a time and a place, Chloe can be counted on to sound the alert.

Then there’s Demo. He’s the quiet type and, like Chloe, low to the ground. While unassuming and shy, Demo might allow his kennel mates to take more leading roles as store greeters and entertainers, but don’t count him out. He’s very friendly, affable and a cool sweater guy.

What can be said about Deeks? He’s the perfect example of a, well, goofy, lovable pup who falls all over himself and all over his older brothers and sisters, who will only put up with him for short periods of time before their patience wears thin. But, he’s cute and works really hard to please. Basically, you have to love him.

What makes the entire quintet perfect for their people jobs? The fact that they’re a quintet of course. While the Wollaston’s may think they do all the work of maintaining the store, Shaena admits the part-timers have developed a large and active fan club, who drop by the business simply to see and enjoy a few doggie minutes with whichever members of the group might be at work that day. 

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