HEALDTON — The halls of Healdton High School were filled with students wearing red on Valentine’s Day.
The rush of red, however, wasn’t because of the holiday.
National FCCLA week began on Monday, a week highlighting the elements and pillars the organization builds itself and its members on. Amy Worsham, Healdton FCCLA advisor, said the group emphasizes elements like community service and empathy, which are woven through the activities for each day. On Monday, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, the students wore the group’s FCCLA t-shirts and made Valentine’s cards for senior citizens and patients at the hospital, which they then delivered on Tuesday.
“I loved going around and making people smile,” Maddie Bradberry, Healdton High School student, said. “Especially at the hospital because it was helping out people who were sick and needed something to brighten their day.”
While delivering the cards, the students wore red, which is one of the official colors for FCCLA. With the holiday of love falling perfectly in line with the week, Worsham said it made sense to do something Valentine’s Day related for the community. Worsham said the students enjoyed the visit and experienced a unique way to spend the holiday.
“It really brightened their day,” Worsham said of the cards. “They appreciate even the small things and I think the students saw that.”
“It is good to get out and do stuff like that,” Dalton Gillihan, Healdton High School student, said. “I always like getting out there and giving the elderly people stuff because you don’t know how many people they get to see. I enjoy having visits and giving out stuff like that.”
On Wednesday, the students dressed professionally, representing the career development aspect of FCCLA, and the local FCCLA officers visited eight graders to inform them about the group and encourage them to join next year as freshman. The students also prepared a meal for the teaching staff on Wednesday as a way to thank them for their support and work throughout the year.
“The teachers really enjoyed being served a lunch,” Worsham said. “And the kids love preparing the meal for them.”
The week ends today with “Thankful Thursday.” The students will write thank you letters to someone that has impacted their life or someone that has helped them grow. The students will then deliver the letter(s) to the recipients.
While the week highlights what FCCLA strive for, Worsham said the efforts of the group and individuals goes beyond single events. Through being in FCCLA, Worsham said the hope is for students to develop into model citizens who act with respectability, ethics and dignity.
“We want to teach them to give,” Worsham said. “We want to impact the community and all generations through everyday actions and hope they can grow through that.”