Editors note: It’s no secret there are hard working dogs, cats and sometimes even more exotic pets you work hard. But while most are tending to traditional animal jobs, like herding cattle or mousing in barns, others are going to work with their owners and are performing “people” jobs at local stores, offices or job sites. Some pets, like Kori share the work load with a pet partner. Kori works with Mia, who was featured last week, in providing therapy dog duties at the local children’s shelter.
n Names and occupation:  Kori is a 4-year-old “Snorkie” — that’s a cross of the Mini Schnauzer and the Yorkie. Kori applied and applied and applied for his job. Persistence paid off, when his human Rachel Monk, shelter administrative assistant, “finally” realized Kori was suppose to the part of the shelter’s staff.
“He was a stray. He sat by the back door and wouldn’t leave. He had been abused. He was covered in sludge and had a broken toe. Like an oil-slicked duck, he got a bath in Dawn. He was put in quarantine until we were sure he wasn’t sick and then he became Mia’s partner,” Monk explained.
n Special talents:
While Mia’s special talents and strength centers on her ability to be calm, quiet and compassionate, Kori’s approach is just the opposite. He’s active and energetic and loves to check on his young charges throughout the day. He’s happy and he’s ready, willing and able to put smiles on faces and trigger delighted giggles. Like Mia, Kori has achieved licensed certified therapy dog status and together they really are a dynamic duo.
“His gift really is the children. He checks things out several times a day. He greets everyone and he loves to mingle with the kids,” Monk says praising the wonderful dog that has emerged from under all that sludge and abuse.
But wait there’s more. Kori is bilingual. Hard to believe but true. Kori not only understands and responds to English, he’s also fluent in Finnish.
“My mom is from Finland. Sometimes at home we speak in Finnish. So he understands both languages,” Monk says.
Kori is also a talker himself. Does he speak English or Finnish? Hard to tell. But he’s not above giving Monk a heads up when it’s time to go home, or he just needs some TLC.
n What makes Kori perfect for his people job?
Like Mia and her human, Leslie Christian, shelter executive director, Kori and Monk share a special bond. Kori has blossomed under Monk’s care and devotion, even overcoming shyness that stemmed from being on the streets. His rough beginning also gives him an edge when it comes to interacting with the shelter’s children. He can relate to them and they with him.
Kori is also following in Mia’s personal appearance paw steps. Having gained confidence, he’s accepting some gigs outside of the shelter, in order to raise awareness and demonstrate his therapy dog skills.
The two canines take turns being the shelter dog of the day. The schedule works because the duo is a  good example yin and yang. Kori and Mia have totally opposite personalities. But their individual traits compliment each other and makes them a successful team.
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