The Ardmore Development Authority discussed cultivating the potential next generation of Ardmoreites during its regular meeting on Monday. 

Andrea Anderson, Ardmore Development Authority marketing director, discussed an upcoming event while providing a report to the board members, mentioning an attempt to help interns and new employees in Ardmore become accustomed to the area. 

“One of the things we hear from these larger employers is they get interns, they have a great time in Ardmore and they’ll come back once they’re hired on but then they want to leave because they never establish that network,” Anderson told the board members. “So what we’re hoping to do is get a network established through the (Ardmore) young professionals organization in their internship phase.” 

Anderson said the event, which will be conducted May 25, will serve as a gateway for the interns to establish social connections and allow them to familiarize themselves with Ardmore. An estimated 20-25 interns from several of the large employers in Ardmore are expected to attend the event, according to Anderson. 

Anderson said many companies report that interns and young families come into Ardmore and generally stay anywhere from 12 to 18 months and then move onto another company. Anderson said by establishing a network early, she is hoping the event can help Ardmore maintain some of the young incoming employees to the area. 

“What we’re hoping to do is bridge that gap,” Anderson said, explaining the event will include a reception and a scavenger hunt designed to acquaint the interns and young employees with downtown Ardmore. 

Following Anderson’s report, the board approved seeking bids for mowing and maintenance services for the Ardmore Industrial Airpark and the Ardmore Development Headquarters and bids to complete the repair and reconstruction of the electrical service hangar located at 402 Wright Drive. 

Mita Bates, Ardmore Chamber of Commerce president, said the bids for the maintenance service will be for a three-year period, beginning in 2017. Once the bids are collected they will be presented to the board for approval in June. 

The other bids deal with a transformer located inside the King Aerospace Hangar. 

“We need to move that transformer outside that facility,” Bates explained. Bates said because of the requirements and type of work that will be necessary to move the transformer the project will be costly. Those bids will also be presented before the board at the June meeting, Bates said.