Editor’s note:Editor’s note: It’s no secret there are hard working dogs, cats and sometimes even more exotic pets who put in a full day’s work. But while most are tending to traditional animal jobs, others are going to work with their owners and performing “people” jobs at local stores, offices or job sites. Some even live at the job site, like Stranger who holds down the fort 24/7 at The Stag on East Main Street.


Name and occupation: 

Stranger is a mystery. No one knows what his real name is or where he came from. He did a “fly up” job interview with Toby Deaver about two years ago while Deaver was doing a landscape job north of Ardmore. At the time Deaver wasn’t really in the market for a pet employee, but Stranger was convincing.

“He just flew up to us. The first thing I said was ’Hello stranger.’ He didn’t seem to want to leave. So I kept him. I took him to the vet, who said  he was a Conure (small parrot), and told us what to feed him. Stranger seemed to fit him so that’s what we called him.”

When Stranger arrived he was a very pale green. But when he moved into the Deavor’s store and ended his previous vagabond ways, his coloring changed. Although he is still predominantly green, he’s a darker more lustrous hue and he now also sports areas of multi-colored feathers. While he’s now gainfully employed at The Stag, where he came from and his real name remain unsolved mysteries. Thus, he continues to be known as “Stranger,” which suits him just fine.


 Special talents:

Stranger has a diverse range of talents and displays entertainment skills his breed is known for. He’s a clown and has developed quite an act. He likes to hang upside down. Also a characteristic attributed to his breed. In fact, Stranger spends most of his time hanging upside down because he really, really, really likes the attention it garners.

But when his normal clown antics and his upside down tomfoolery doesn’t produce the results he wants? Well, that’s when a shower of bird seed starts flying from the multi-tiered cage Deaver and wife, Kori, purchased for Stranger on a trip to Laredo, Texas. Mischievousness is something else his breed is known for and Stranger has also perfected that eccentricity.

But wait, as the infomercials say, there’s more. Stranger also likes to dance and bob his head. Mostly he moves to music playing only inside his head. Perhaps the old rock and roll bubblegum song “Rockin Robin” from 1958. Who knows? What is known is dancing and head bobbing are traits exclusive to Stranger, not something for which his breed is known. Yet another strange and mysterious part of Stranger’s persona.

And then there’s his ability to imitate sounds. While some Conures can talk, most don’t and Stranger is no exception. He does chirp, but he’s not going to carry on a word conversation with himself or anyone else. However, he has perfected the sounds of doors opening and closing. One more mysterious thing about the Conure known as, Stranger.

 What makes Stranger perfect for his people job?

He’s a clown. He’s an acrobat. He dances and bobs. He’s a imitator. He never gets tired. He truly is a showman, who demonstrates the old circus saying “The show must go on.” He has adoring fans and is even keeps customer’s children entertained while their parents shop in peace and relative quiet. 

And, there’s one more thing. Stranger really is part of the Deaver family. Occasionally Stranger and Deaver even take a walk around the store and enjoy some one-on-one man-to-man time.