It’s hard to imagine having more success in high school than Tracy McGill had.

It’s hard to imagine having more success in high school than Tracy McGill had.

As a member of the Lady Falcons softball, basketball and golf teams, McGill experienced more than her fair share of success individually and at the state tournament.

Last Saturday at Oklahoma Christian University, McGill officially closed the book on her high school softball career, playing as a member of the West small school squad along with teammate Jacey Henry, which was ironically coached by Turner’s own Shane Hill and assisted by Cassie Russell, also from Turner. 

“Getting to cheer Jacey (Henry) on from center field was a lot of fun at the All-State game for me,” McGill said. “Having Coach (Shane) Hill there was special as well because he’s coached us since the sixth grade.”

Being at a small school in multiple athletic programs, it was only natural that McGill would form a bond with her teammates that would last for years. And that’s exactly what happened for her. 

“It was actually very special to be on all the teams including basketball,” McGill said. “Being at such a small school like Turner was a blessing because I was such good friends with my teammates.”

“We knew how to play together and have as much fun as possible while doing so,” McGill added. “I had great success in my career, especially the last two years. I went to state in seven of the eight opportunities I had.”

While she had plenty of success in other sports, McGill’s passion has always been on the links in golf.

“I love golf because when you’re playing, it’s just you against the course,” McGill said. “No one else can interrupt or change your game, unless you give them the power to do so. You don’t have to listen to anyone else, it’s all you.”

“I’ve been playing golf competitively since 8th grade,” McGill added. “My dad is the one person who sparked my interest in the sport. It’s always been a fun thing we can do together as a family.”

McGill’s passion for the sport was noticed by more than just a few people. Her talent on the course led to her being offered a scholarship at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, where she will be attending this fall as she majors in nursing.

“I’m definitely going to miss playing softball and basketball,” McGill said. “I have some of the best memories from those two sports.” 

“But, I still have golf ahead of me, more competitive golf at that. I want to succeed in my college athletic career, and build on all the of success I’ve already had.”

“I’m super excited about college in the fall,”McGill added. “My best friend Brianna Paul is going to be with me so I’m really excited about that. I’m planning on graduating with a BSN in May of 2021.”

Turner girls golf coach April O’Dell had nothing but praise for McGill, saying the future is as bright as she wants it to be.

“Tracy was a fierce competitor on the course,” she said. “She (Tracy) expected to win every tournament she played in, and she usually did. She’s got tremendous power off the tee and touch around the greens. She was a tremendous leader on the team and was always encouraging the other girls and pushing them to be better.”

“I believe she has all the tools necessary to win tournaments at SWOSU as a freshman,” O’Dell added. “I’ve told her many times that I believe she can make a living playing golf if she keeps working hard.”

While being an a student-athlete can prove strenuous at times, Tracy said she had the best support system of teachers and coaches at Turner which made her athletic career possible.

“I had some of the greatest teachers and coaches helping me along the way,” she said. “Coach (Shane) Hill was more than understanding when I put more emphasis on golf and had to miss some softball games and tournaments.” 

“Coach (April) O’Dell was amazing and I was very blessed to have her in golf.” 

“My teachers helped me stay informed about what needed to get done each week, because most weeks in the last quarter, I was only at school one time a week.”

And as for advice about being recruited while in high school?

“Go ahead and put yourself out there as much as possible,” McGill said about the recruiting process. “Email as many coaches as you can. You never know when one of them will respond and think of you as that one player they are missing on their roster.”