The Sulphur City Council voted Tuesday to approve its budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which includes a new chlorination pump station for the city’s water treatment plant.
City Clerk Shannon Couch said repairs to the water treatment plant have been in the works for some time. Sulphur built a new sewer plant a couple of years ago, and hopes to continue to improve its water system. The chlorination pump will cost around $1.33 million, with the hopes that $400,000 of that money will come from a grant.
“It will be a project we will have to do, regardless of the grant,” Couch said. “Some of the piping in the plant is from 1903. So I would say it’s time.”
Couch added that the city won’t find out if it was awarded the grant until July.
Chlorine pumps are essential in water treatment because they help disinfect the water before it travels to resident’s homes. Without an adequate pump, the water could infect residents with illnesses like typhoid fever, dysentery and cholera.
Sulphur’s spending is higher this year than last, with the city expecting to spend $3.6 million, a $2 million jump from last year. The council was not unanimous in the vote to approve the budget. Robert Clark, council member for Ward 5, voted not to approve.
Clark could not be reached for comment.
“I feel like our revenue has been consistent,” Couch said. “Our retail is doing well and we hope to see more new businesses in the future.”
The council will also hold a special meeting at noon today so that they can address the re-hiring of City Manager Keith Mann.