Ardmore Police Chief Ken Grace will be joined by chiefs from across the state Monday as the annual conference of Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police and the Oklahoma Police Chiefs Training Foundation opens at the convention center.
Grace said he is delighted that for the second year in a row the OACP had selected Ardmore as the site of the yearly event.
“For years the conference was always in Norman. Three years ago after that conference, the OAPC sent out letters to the members asking us if we knew of any convention centers big enough to hold the conference. I replied that I thought Ardmore’s convention center was large enough and provided the OAPC with the contact information for the chamber of commerce,” Grace explained. “They checked it out and found out Ardmore could accommodate the conference and it was here last year. I’m elated they decided to come back here again this year and I’m very appreciative of the endeavors of the chamber in helping to bring the conference to the community a second time.”
The conference will begin at the convention center at 3 p.m. However, Grace said OAPC members will hit the links at the Lake Murray golf course at 9 a.m. for the official opening golf tournament.
Several OACP meetings will be conducted during the four-day event. But, Grace indicated training also plays a major role in the conference. Training topics include:
• Liability and Risk
• Social Media
• Law Enforcement Leadership
• Implicit Bias
• State Medical Board Investigations Panel
• Oil Pipeline Safety and Security
• Implied Consent Law with Board of Tests
A conference highlight is described as the largest as the largest law enforcement show in Oklahoma.
“On Wednesday the exhibition opens. There will be an estimated 120 vendors displaying the latest innovations for law enforcement use. This will include everything you can think off from completely decked out vehicles to radios to uniforms to cameras and safety equipment. It is really something to see, but more importantly it gives chiefs the opportunity to learn what tools are available to aid us in enhancing service to the communities we serve,” the chief said.
In addition, Wednesday night the conference will be the scene of the OACP’s annual awards banquet in which officers will be recognized for exemplary acts of heroism, “other extraordinary” acts, as well as in-the-line-of duty injuries or deaths.
Grace described the banquet and awards as “extremely” moving and meaningful.
The chief said one other vitally important part of the conference is the opportunity to network with chiefs throughout the state. “It’s a time to be able to visit and compare notes. Discuss issues, talk about ideas and learn from each other, as well as build bridges of cooperation,” Grace said.
The chief said he is looking forward to the event, as well as the chance to show chiefs from across the state what Ardmore has to offer.
“It’s a real honor to have this conference in Ardmore. I’m excited to take advantage of all that the conference offers as well as having the opportunity to show off the community. These kinds of things don’t happen by chance. It takes a lot of work and effort on the part of the OACP and an equal amount of work from the chamber and supporters throughout the community. I’m very grateful for the work, donations and efforts that has gone into making this happen again,” he said.