It’s no secret Davis High School is known for its proud athletic tradition at the junior high and high school levels of competition.

It’s no secret Davis High School is known for its proud athletic tradition at the junior high and high school levels of competition.

Something else which is common knowledge is that the Davis Lady Wolves cheer program is full of talented individuals.

Now’s it’s full of All-Americans.

On June 15-17 the Davis High School cheerleaders attended UCA camp from the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

Davis made sure it left with plenty of souvenirs from its trip to Sooner Country.

In total, the Lady Wolves came away with three team trophies (superior cheer & extreme dance, superior overall camp, tradition award), but six Davis cheerleaders were named All-American.

“It was very exciting to be given superior in our extreme routine,” DHS varsity cheer member Alex Johnston said. “All of us put all of our effort and spare time into the routine. There were some bumps and we had to cut some things out of it. But, in the end it all worked out great for us.”

For the junior high Lady Wolves, Lexi Ryan, Mykala Dodds and Shelby Emery were bestowed with the honor. On the high school level it was Lady Wolves varsity cheer members Alex Johnston, Lexi Barnett and Kylie Moss earned the prestigious award. For Barnett the experience was extra special as she earned All-American for the fourth straight year.

“Being this is my fourth year to make All-American, it’s something I carry with honor and pride,” Barnett said. “I love Davis, and I always have. The tradition and the ‘Davis Feel’ is something you just can’t beat. During the camp we stayed up late and practiced hard every night to make sure we had everything down pat. We’re going to continue working all year round to keep our skills at a high level.”

Davis high school cheer coach Tammy Johnson added she couldn’t be more proud of her squad for the hard work they put in at camp, as well as the girls who earned All-American status.

“Cheerleading requires a lot of time and hard work,” she said. “This is an exceptional group of girls willing to sacrifice for one another. If a stunt is failing they are always there to make sure no one hits the ground.”

“I’m very proud to have seen them do well at camp,” Johnson added. “It’s an honor to get to try out for All-American, and we are all so proud to have three girls named All-American cheerleaders. They worked hard and they earned it.”

Johnston also brought home a leadership award along with teammate Kerstin Goodin from the camp.

“It feels absolutely amazing to be named an All-American,” Johnston said. “I feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what comes with being an All-American. I love all these girls on my squad with all my heart. I’d do anything for them in a heartbeat.” 

For Moss, the honor gave her more assurance that she is capable of living out her dream of cheering at the college level.

“I really want to cheer for a college in the future, and this just gives me the confidence to realize my dreams could very well come true,” Moss said. “This just makes me want to push myself even further when it comes to cheer ability. These awards are just evidence of our hard work. We had to put in our best effort the whole time at camp, and do things over and over until we got them down. It got frustrating at times, but it was worth it.”

As for the junior high All-Americans, there was no shortage of excitement from the trio as they accepted their honors.

“I am very honored to have been named an All-American at cheer camp,” Emery said. “My teammates and I worked very hard the whole time. To see our hard work pay off is very rewarding for all of us. A lot of work went into the extreme cheer and dance routines. Myself and my teammates had a lot of patience, hard work and a lot of team work. Those factors were so important in us having success.”

Dodds echoed her teammates joy, and added the occasion was more special because she could share it with two of her closest friends.

“Honestly, it took a lot of work because we had only two days to learn everything and perfect it,” she said. “I’m so glad I got the chance to try out for All-American and make it as well. The best part of all of this is getting to share it with two of my good friends. I hope we can inspire other girls to want to be All-American cheerleaders as well.”

“Cheer is a huge part of my life, so I was so glad to have the opportunity to work with UCA,” Ryan said about her experience. “We as a squad had to practice the material a lot. But, at the same time I also had to work very hard practicing at home as well.”