Editor’s Note: For the next 6 weeks the Ardmoreite will feature profiles on current vendors participating in the Farmers’ Market on Broadway.

* Name: Sarah Wells and Sweet Wheats bath bombs and niceties.
A new vender participated at the Farmers’ Market this year.
Sarah Wells, who lives in Ardmore with her husband and daughter is new to the market. Wells is participating in her first season with the market this year with her daughter by her side. Her company is called Sweet Wheats bath bombs and niceties.
* What they sell: Handmade beauty products.
Bath bombs and niceties are exactly what Sweet Wheats sells. More specifically, Wells sells sugar scrubs, skin creams and bath bombs. All of Well’s products are handmade.
As for her sugar scrubs, Wells said she has always made them herself. “I made sugar scrubs for years, just for personal use,” Wells said. The skill was taught to her by her sister-in-law.
“As I made them, I realized I enjoyed them and others seemed to as well,” Wells said. “So I incorporated the sugar scrubs into my business which I had been using for selling bath bombs.” One of Wells’ main products is her bath bombs.

*About Sarah:
When Wells first discovered bath bombs by getting one as a gift, she made the decision to start making her own.
“I wanted to make mine with no harsh perfumes or chemicals,” Wells said. She instead makes her bath bombs and her other products with therapeutic grade pure essential oils.
Another factor that played an important part in her decision to make bath bombs, was that Wells wanted to save money. She did not want to spend $7 to $11 on bath bombs, when she could make her own.
Once that idea took over, Wells went to work to accomplish her goal. She found a recipe for bath bombs online and then spent three months trying to perfect the recipe to her liking. Once this was accomplished Wells said that she found that she enjoyed her homemade bath bombs and that others did too. She then began selling them and Sweet Wheats was born.