The traffic light on Chickasaw Boulevard and State Highway 142 has been looming over passersby for weeks. The lights haven’t been operational, but that’s about to change.
On July 10 at 10 a.m. the traffic light will become fully functional.
The original plan was to activate the light and have it flash red for a day or two, but after meeting with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation the city decided against it.
Instead, the light will be fully operational at the time of its activation, meaning those who are speeding along on SH 142 may have to slow their roll and stop at the red light.
 “We just want to go ahead and turn it on at that time so as not to back up traffic to Commerce,” said Creede Tibbs, Ardmore general service director. “We just want everyone to be aware that public safety is our biggest concern, and we want to be sure our citizens are safe and don’t get in accidents.”
The traffic light was installed because of the high volume of traffic and congestion in the area.