Actions often times speak louder than words.

Actions often times speak louder than words.

Recently at the UCA Cheer camp in Norman, the Lone Grove cheer squad showed their actions don’t just talk, they lead.

Not only did the LGHS team earn gold superior evaluations each day at the camp, they were also chosen by their fellow squads as the Gatorade Leadership Squad. Seniors Chole Adams, Alessia Antuono and Hailey Williams were also awarded individual leadership awards at the camp as well for their performance.

“Being chosen for the Gatorade Leadership award was the most valuable award for our team,” Adams said. “It was chosen by the other squads we were around all week. This award meant even through all the hard work, we had the ability to progress with each other and have fun at the same time.”

“Receiving an individual award was definitely not expected,” Adams added. “Every girl on our team is willing to step up and lead. It’s an amazing feeling to know our seniors were stepping up when needed. Leading by example if much more important than leading by orders. The other girls are great leaders, but I think seeing this award will help them strive to better each other with a positive attitude and it will help them when it’s their time to step up.”

Lone Grove cheer coach Crystal Jones said these accolades show what her squad is truly made of even when they are faced with obstacles.

“We had one injury and a sickness during the camp,” she said. “These girls came together and worked even harder to overcome the setbacks. The fact they were chosen as the Gatorade Leadership Award recipients by their peers says a lot about their leadership skills.”

“As their coach, I’m beyond proud of the entire squad,” Jones added. “I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for these girls.”

Alessia Antuono echoed her teammates thoughts adding, these awards just justify how important being a leader can actually be.

“Receiving this award for the past two years of camp has been an exciting start for each season,” she said. “I think this just reinsured all three of us as seniors because we have a large leadership role on the squad. I’m beyond proud of the other girls who received this award.”

“Being apart of the Gatorade Leadership Award showed that our observing peers recognized certain qualities within our team,” Antuono added. “To me, it showed how well developed the relationship is between each team member. It’s always important to make a lasting impression, and I’m proud to be apart of a team that managed to do that.”

Hailey Wilson was just as humbled to receive the award along with her teammates, adding it’s always important to leave a positive impact on those around you.

“Everyone has an opportunity to impact people,” she said. “There is an extreme importance to lead by example with the hope that those who are watching will strive to do the same. I was not only extremely honored to have been recognized for my ability to lead, and communicate positively with my team, but that two of my fellow teammates were able to join me in this recognition.”