Editor’s Note: For the next four weeks the Ardmoreite will feature profiles on current vendors participating in the Farmers’ Market on Broadway. 

 Name: Kyle Minyard and the Minyard Farms

One farmer at the Market on Broadway is trying to pass his knowledge on to his nephew.

Kyle Minyard and his nephew, Bransen Robinson, were at the Farmers’ Market on Broadway selling their produce on Saturday. Minyard spends 60 to 80 hours a week farming and is teaching his nephew how to farm as well. “He loves riding in the tractor,” Minyard said. Minyard’s company is called Minyard Farms and it is he and Bransen’s first year at the Market On Broadway. Minyard has, however, spent many years farming.



Minyard raises more than 20 acres of vegetables every year. He also has livestock. Minyard’s crops include carrots, onions and radishes. Minyard also grows and sells okra, sweet corn, watermelon, black eyed peas and cantaloupe. As for meats, he sells pasture pork, grass fed beef and pasture chicken.


About Minyard:

Minyard has been farming all his life. 

“I grew up on a small farm and always had a garden,” Minyard said. 

Just as farming has been passed down to him, Minyard is passing his knowledge of farming to Bransen. Bransen has a brother and a sister and he helps his uncle both at the Farmers’ Market On Broadway and on the farm.

 “Ever since he was born he has been helping me,” Minyard said.