Healdton police arrested a fugitive from Texas on a stolen vehicle warrant Monday, but HPD officers allege getting him off the streets may impact the Mexican drug cartel.
Hollie Miller, 41, was arrested by Healdton police on a warrant out of Throckmorton County, Texas for stealing a vehicle, Throckmorton Sheriff Doc Wigington said.
Healdton Police Chief Johnny Turner said he was especially proud of the arrest after Wigington called him to let him know he arrested someone known to run in methamphetamine circles with ties to the Mexican drug cartels.
“The word is that he had ties to the Mexican drug cartel,” Wigington said. “He was known to be in that circle, but doesn’t have any narcotics charges. We’re arranging a transport to pick him up soon.”
Wigington said Miller faces two felony charges when he is returned to Texas, one for forgery (outside of Throckmorton) and another for stealing a car.   
Turner said police got a call of suspicious activity at Healdton Municipal Lake. On arrival, officers found two people using the lake’s restroom to bathe, because they didn’t have water at home. Officers told the duo that behavior was not permitted and let them go. Just as they were about to leave, Turner said another officer noticed that a third person had ducked down in the truck when police arrived.
That person was Miller.
Turner said Miller stole a truck and came to Oklahoma to hide out, and possibly visit relatives, once he knew he was wanted for forgery. He added that OHP found the stolen vehicle abandoned on the side of the road two days earlier.
Turner said Wigington told Healdton police that they suspect Miller is a meth cook for the cartel, and helps the cartel maintain the territory where Miller cooked.
“We were pretty tickled when he called us and told us that,” Turner said.
Miller is currently in the Carter County jail awaiting transport to Texas.