MARIETTA – When a new coach is brought in, it usually helps if they have an understanding or a familiarity about the program to begin with.
For the Marietta Lady Indians, they have been afforded such a luxury this season.
Former assistant coach Robert Ferguson will be taking over the head coaching duties this season at MHS, as the program will field a squad mixed with multiple upperclassmen, as well as freshmen and sophomores.
The big thing for Ferguson this season isn’t so much wins and losses, but laying the foundation which extends into the junior high program so Marietta softball can grow in the next few years.
“Having been the assistant coach last year, I know there’s already some excitement here for us,” he said. “We’re trying to build off of that momentum and get better for the future, and that begins this season. Right now our biggest problem is we’re losing girls in the softball program after middle school. I understand they have more options as far as extra-curricular activities in high school, but we’re trying to instill that ‘Want to Play’ mentality for high school fast pitch.”
Marietta will be fielding a total of eight freshman and sophomore players this season, as compared to just four junior and senior players. Leading the charge for the Lady Indians will be Miranda Curbow, Sierra McKelvy, and Brianna Dewey, who are the lone seniors on the squad.
Other players who will be looking to make an impact will be junior Bailee Gray, along with sophomores Allison Hicks, Makayla Hicks, Kira Anderson, Karley Riley, and Brisa Rueda.
“Miranda Curbow is one of those players that people need to watch out for this season,” Ferguson said. “She hasn’t been able to play the last two years, but this summer she has come out swinging the bat really well. I’ve seen her hit the ball really hard and she’s seeing the ball really well.”
“Brianna Dewey is a hard working all around type of player for us,” Ferguson added. “She plays wonderful defense and is a tough out every time she steps up to the plate. Right now we don’t know how much better we can be because of our youth. We’re working hard though and improving all the time. We also know the other teams around us are also improving and working just as hard.”

The 2017-18 season will open with a road contest against Dickson on Aug. 10, before MHS will host the Clash at I-35 Festival on Aug. 11-12. A home game against Thackerville will follow on the 15th before a triangular takes place against Wilson and Plainview at home on the 17th. Marietta’s first tournament of the season will be on the 18-19 at Tishomingo.