TURNER — There is perhaps no more powerful tool in sports than experience.

TURNER — There is perhaps no more powerful tool in sports than experience.

In the world of high school softball, experience at the state tournament can be an invaluable tool for a team.

For Turner Lady Falcons senior players Riley Carter, Alli Willis, and Kaylee Colston, experience on the big stage is just one of the many traits they will be bringing to the table as they each begin their senior season.

“The main thing when it comes to these seniors is their experience,” Turner head coach Shane Hill said. “They have competed in multiple state tournaments and know what it takes to get there. That’s something that goes a long way with a team. When you have three or more girls who have competed on a stage like that, it’s valuable. These girls know how to handle the atmosphere, and aren’t shocked to go from 10 people watching them to 500 people watching them screaming and hollering.”

Given how much of a home state has become for the Lady Falcons since clinching its first state tournament berth in October of 2015, the end goal is more of an expectation now in the program.

“State is a tradition and an expectation for us,” Carter said. “We’re hoping to see our hard work pay off once again with a trip to Oklahoma City.”

Willis echoed her teammates thoughts, adding that every member on the squad is willing to work hard for what they have this season.

“All of these girls here work hard every single day,” she said. “I’m going to be working just as hard as they are to prove myself as a senior. We now expect to make state every season because of the hard work that’s been put into this program the last few years.”

“Coach (Shane) Hill expects a lot out of us as players,” Willis added. “But at the same time he’s always pushing us to be better than we are right now.”

For Colston, she wants to make sure the program she has given so much to stays as strong as possible once she graduates.

“Turner softball is a strong program right now,” she said. “This season is all about trying to lead and be an example as a senior. I’m expecting a lot of hard work from everyone and hopefully all of it will pay off with a trip to the state tournament for us in my senior year.”