Aug. 8-9 Professional days (no school)
Aug. 10 Academic classes begin
Sept. 4 Labor Day holiday (no school)
Oct. 6 End of the first quarter
Oct. 9 Begin second quarter
Oct. 16-17 Parent/teacher conferences
Oct. 20-Oct. 24 Fall break (no school)
Nov. 20 – Nov. 24 Thanksgiving holiday (no school)
Dec. 15 End of the second quarter/first semester
Dec. 18-Jan. 2 Winter break (no school)
Jan. 3 Professional day
Jan. 4 Academic classes resume/third quarter begins
Feb. 19 Parent/teacher conferences
March 9 End of third quarter
March 12-16 Spring break (no school)
March 30 Beginning of the fourth quarter Snow day
April 27 Snow day

May 9th 2018 last day of Classes