An armed robbery in Madill has police looking for the suspects, and a local gas station clerk shaken up.
Police were dispatched to a convenience store around 1:40 a.m. Monday in the 400 block of S. 1st Street in Madill after a distressed clerk called 911.
According to the police report, the clerk was smoking a cigarette outside the gas station when she noticed a man walking, crouched down, below the window of the store. The victim told police she asked the man what he was doing and that’s when everything went downhill.
The masked man pulled a gun on the victim, pressed it into the back of her neck and forced her to walk back inside the store at 1:37 a.m. He ordered her to walk around the counter and open the cash register. When the victim looked up another masked man was standing in front of her with his gun drawn.
After the suspects retrieved all the money out of the cash register, they proceeded to take a white lock-box from under the counter and a pack of cigarettes. At the same time, the victim was attempting to trigger the panic alarm, but the alarm failed and officers didn’t know there was a problem until the robbers left, Madill Police Community Relations Officer Donny Raley said.  
On arrival, officers patrolled the area looking for the two suspects but were unable to locate them. Security footage in the store shows the entire incident unfolded in a matter of one minute and seven seconds. Security cameras outside the building weren’t working, according to the police report.
The store manager told police the white box contained unusable lottery tickets.
While patrolling the area, police found a cell phone in a yard just north of an alley that runs behind the convenience store.
The suspects are described as two black males — one was more than six feet tall and skinny. Both were wearing hoodies, one gray and one black, gloves and ski masks to cover their faces.
Madill police are asking that anyone with information regarding this event contact the police department at 580-795-3535.