Editor’s Note: This is the last  feature profile on current vendors participating in the Marketplace on Broadway. 

Berry Sessions: Handing down lessons and skills to the next generation is something humans have done throughout history. Berry Sessions has decided to do the same with his knowledge of planting, growing and selling produce. 

Sessions, along with his grandson Zane, set up shop weekly at the Marketplace on Broadway. Sessions Mercantile Quality Produce is the name of the company where Zane learns first hand the way of life his grandpa continues to cherish.

Products:Session sells Italian flat green beans, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and potatoes, all picked fresh from his garden.

Zane will be six in September and has been in the garden with his grandpa since he was two. 

“He can tell you all the names of our produce by memory.” Session said. 

Family traditions: The path that led Sessions to the Marketplace began when he retired and became a substitute teacher.

“During the summer I decided I knew how to do this, so I would,” Sessions said.   

Sessions has been with the Marketplace for six years, which he sees as a sign of his dedication to gardening. Sessions said that for as long as he can remember, he has always enjoyed both flower and vegetable gardening.

He also said he was happy to have the chance to pass on his knowledge to Zane.

“I’m able to pass on these skills to my grandson, Zane, like my grandparents did for me,” he said.