A pizza delivery driver was lured to a phony Ardmore address and robbed Saturday night. 

Ardmore police are looking for two to three men who allegedly ordered pizza and had it sent to a false address, then robbed the driver.

Police responded to a call regarding the robbery in the 400 block of E St. NE at 9:41 p.m. On arrival they found that $70 in cash, 10 pizzas, a wallet with credit cards and an i-Phone 5 were stolen from the driver, according to the police report.  

Ardmore Police Capt. Keith Ingle said the male suspects didn’t display a weapon, but did hit the delivery driver with their fists. He added that police cannot track the suspects by their phone number because the phone number they gave the pizza company was also fake. 

The total loss of property is estimated at $228.78.