A woman prosecutors described as a jealous ex-lover who would stop at nothing to get revenge on the man who left her was convicted of first-degree manslaughter in the 20th District Court of Oklahoma Friday.
All 12 members of the jury returned a guilty verdict against Laurie Martin, 37, recommending she serve 40 years in prison for her involvement in the stabbing of Chivas Piggee, 38, which ultimately contributed to his death in November 2016.
As the bailiff cuffed Martin, she turned and told her family members sitting in the courtroom pews, “I love you,” before being ushered out of the room.

Last November
As the three-day trial progressed, a picture of what happened on that fateful night in November and the days leading up to it, was painted for the jury.
District Attorney Craig Ladd told the jury that prior to the attacks Martin, a “jilted ex-lover,” inflicted wounds on herself that she blamed on Piggee. The DA, and a witness, said that Martin busted her own cheek, just under her eye, and then proceeded to take a photo of her face to send to all of her friends. When she decided that a bruise wasn’t enough, Martin took out a razor blade and cut six lines near the bruise with the hope that her now bruised and bloody cheek would attract more sympathy and turn others against Piggee.
“Chivas blew her off,” Ladd said. “She manufactured the abuse on her eye, and she sent it out.”
Ladd used the time stamps on the photos and Martin’s statement to prove that she inflicted the damages on herself. Martin said in her statement that Piggee only came into the room to beat her one time. However, in the first photo, taken at 2:38 a.m., Martin did not have scratches on her face, but did in the second photo at 2:50 a.m.
Leading up to Piggee’s death, Martin sent incriminating text messages to her daughter’s boyfriend, Dalton Waugh, 20.  Ladd read the messages for the jury: “I may need help if Chivas comes into this house. If he does, I will stab him. I’m not going to call the police, I will just stab him. Maybe if he gets his butt whooped again he will learn … I have my knife lol ... if he comes back here he will be killed.”
Martin, in sending those messages, planted the seeds in the young minds close to her that something had to be done, Ladd said. On Nov. 20, Martin drove Piggee to her home, where his assailants were waiting. The defense claimed Martin tried to call off the attack by saying “maybe we shouldn’t do this.”
Piggee was ultimately beaten by Martin’s daughter, Madison Martin, 19, Waugh, and their friend Keenen Wright, 23.
As the fight ensued, Piggee ran more than two blocks away to the corner of E Street NW and 5th Avenue NW. It was there that he was beaten and stabbed four times.
The group was arrested on Dec. 22, 2016. In April, Madison Martin exchanged a guilty plea for a 20-year sentence, with 12 years suspended. She will serve six years and eight months before being eligible for parole. Waugh pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to four years in prison in March, while Wright pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in March, according to online court records.

The Verdict
As District Attorney Craig Ladd and Martin’s defense attorney James Gilmartin gave their closing statements, the jury sat at attention. Gilmartin made his closing remarks first, saying that Martin lied in the past but her testimony Friday was the truth.
“The state wants to send Lori to jail for essentially standing on the sideline and saying ‘kick him, get him,’” Gilmartin said. “Under Mr. Ladd’s version of the law, you would be liable for (whatever happens to that person).”
Gilmartin argued that Martin had a moment of clarity where she tried to call off the attack she ordered but was unable to. He said that because she told the children she no longer wished Piggee ill, they were acting on their own accord and of their own mind.
Gilmartin asked that the jury put their emotions aside and decide if Ladd really did prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Martin was guilty.
Ladd’s closing arguments ultimately made up the jurors’ minds. He condemned the testimony Martin gave earlier in the day, saying she insulted Piggee’s family and tried to paint herself as innocent and remorseful.
“She gets up here and says his family didn’t like him and wouldn’t help him,” Ladd said. “She stepped on his grave in front of them and then tried to show remorse and tell them she feels bad. Bull (expletive)! … I’m sorry for getting dramatic, but that’s BS.”
Ladd closed his arguments by saying that Martin masterminded the slaying of Piggee.
“I will submit to you folks that whether she stabbed him herself or not, she had more blood on her hands than anyone else,” Ladd said. “Mothers have great power. She used that power to manipulate those kids to do her dirty work.”
The jury deliberated for 40 minutes before they unanimously returned the guilty verdict.

Moving forward
Martin will remain in the custody of the Carter County Jail until her sentencing hearing begins Sept. 13. Though the jury recommended 40 years, Martin’s sentencing is ultimately up to Carter County District Court Judge Dennis Morris, who presided over the trial.
“We respect the jury’s verdict,” Gilmartin said. “Obviously we’re disappointed and will examine our appeal options at this point.”
Reporting by Robby Short also contributed to this report.