Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin gave an update on two much anticipated projects at the Ardmore Regional Park Authority Board meeting Monday: the disc golf course, and Ardmore’s family fun center, The Clubhouse.

The disc golf course was set to open Saturday, June 24, but the grand opening was rained out, and safety problems with the course caused the Parks and Recreation Department to temporarily close the course.

“We had some concerns with the layout of the course,” Ervin said. “It follows the walking trail and there are some blind spots and places where you wouldn’t be able to see those walking and may take them out with a disc. We had no choice but to change the course for safety reasons.”

HB Clark, a designer who specializes in disc golf courses, evaluated the disc golf baskets, and course layout. Clark found that the course needed to be redesigned for the safety of those walking on the trail. He also suggested adding signs to the walking areas that say: “Caution! Entering disc golf course, beware of flying discs.”

Ervin said the course is now just waiting for new signage that will tell golfers where the next basket is, and what par is for each basket. The course won’t be operational until then, but when the signs come Ervin hopes to have another grand opening for the course. 

“It’s a long course, and it’s not necessarily an easy course,” Ervin said.

Michelin, Mercy, and the Health Institute combined contributed $17,000 for the construction of the disc golf course. Ervin said the city didn’t have to pitch in any funds, except for the rerouting of the course which will cost less than $500. 

Ervin said progress on The Clubhouse was underway and the plans for the kitchen at the facility should be finalized this week. 

“We’re getting close to having all of our bid packets together for the city and should go to bid in the near future,” Ervin said. 

The Clubhouse will feature a soft play area for kids, two tree house party rooms, a mini-golf course, arcade, zip-line, go carts, and prize room for arcade winnings. The tree houses will be made out of the same material playground equipment typically is, and will overhang the mini-golf course. Ervin said construction on the tree houses should begin soon.  

“It doesn’t look like there is a lot going on but there is,” Ervin said. “We’re moving and it’s happening. There’s not dirt moving but we’re moving on The Clubhouse. There’s a lot on the front end that you don’t think about.”