The Murray County Development Authority is creating a new website they hope will attract corporate retailers and developers to the area.
The move follows the hiring of consultants at Retail Attractions by the development authority and the cities of Davis and Sulphur, to attract businesses to the area. Murray County officials have watched Carter County, specifically Ardmore, explode with growth and feel it’s now their turn.
“We have a website that has a main focus on tourism, but we really need a more economic developmentally friendly site,” Murray County Development Authority Executive Director Melissa Pratt said. “I want it to be a window into our community. Our target audience is site locators, businesses and developers who want to bring their business here.”
Pratt has been constructing the website herself and expects it to go live before the end of the year. Since she is personally working on the design she said it hasn’t cost the development authority anything but her time.
The website is expected to feature information about Murray County, such as community profiles, maps of available property for development and statistics about the people who live in the county. Pratt hopes that having a website with this data will create a good first impression with developers who are looking to expand to new areas.
“The first place developers look for information on an area is online,” Pratt said. “You have to have an online presence when marketing an area. I want to give developers a good impression of our community before they drive down here to see for their-selves.”
Pratt said that if a community is looking to attract development, and they don’t have an online presence, they are missing out on many opportunities because some developers won’t drive out to a community to see if it’s viable without knowing anything about it.
The website will be reviewed by the board and tweaked before it goes live, but the site address is expected to be