On the first day back from summer vacation, Ardmore City Schools lost its phone and internet service for most of the day thanks to a power outage at the original administration building.
 Director of operations Chris Kennedy said damaged power lines knocked out power at the district’s original administration building, where the districtwide server is housed, which caused a domino effect.
“Some time last night, a pole was struck by lightning, fell onto the lines and caused a spark,” Kennedy said. “When the electricity goes out, the phones go out for the whole district. Any time we lose electricity it’s bad, but on the first day of school? It was nerve-wracking,” Kennedy said.
Some schools, like Jefferson Middle School, also lost their bell systems, because the bells are connected to the computers’ clocks for accuracy’s sake.
Kennedy said the outage lasted until about 2:15 p.m., when OG&E repair workers were able to remove the damaged pole and restore the power. In the meantime, some schools relied on text messaging to keep the administration in contact with the teachers.    
The outage didn’t cause any serious issues, but some parents did become concerned when they couldn’t reach the school by phone. The administration fell back on their cellphones to stay in contact with each other and get word of the outage out on social media.
Will Rogers Elementary School principal Johncy Martin said in his school, it was more or less business as usual.
“We couldn’t take calls or call out since it’s all connected, so we just did it old school,” Martin said. “If we needed to talk to someone, we’d have to go see them in person. The kids were none the wiser. We just worked a little harder.”