Construction and security updates at Dickson Public Schools are still underway.
Once the dust has settled, Dickson High School will have more classroom space and a new science lab. The elementary schools will have new classrooms as well.
The new football field, which includes a new track, bleachers and lighting, is slated to be complete in time for the first home football game of the season in about three weeks.
“Right outside my building, they’ve cut a hole in the wall,”  Dickson High School principal Matt Krimmer said. “And it’s going to go right into the new section (of the school).”
Construction crews broke ground last February on multiple projects after  voters approved a $6.2 million bond for badly-needed updates to the campus. A bomb threat at the high school earlier in the year only emphasized how behind the times security measures were at the schools.
“They’re upgrading our locking systems, so we can lock down our building if we have to,” Krimmer said. “There’s also little updates, like more cameras.”
Krimmer said not all of the schools have the same security equipment. The elementary schools, for example, had tighter security even before construction began.