Arrows flew and shots rang out at the Murray County Free Fair Thursday as Sulphur 4-H  members competed in annual archery and shooting tournaments.
Slightly windy conditions made the competition a little stiffer at the Murray County Expo Center in Sulpher for the teenage competitors that are divided into intermediate and senior divisions by grade.
Among the archers, it was female competitors that reigned. Emalynna Baker placed first with a score of 247 in the intermediate division, followed by Greg Holman with 241 and Rennon Burnell in third with a score of 222.
Baker, who recently joined Sulphur’s 4-H program this year and has been practicing archery for three years, said she had no idea she’d win.
“I thought I’d failed it actually,” Baker said.
She said she first took an interest in archery because her family was already interested in the sport.
“My dad helped me a lot,” Baker said. “I’d always to go him for advice.”
Corenesia Christian led the senior division with a score of 259, followed by Hunter Mann with 197 and Jake Cooper with 164.  She said she’s been practicing archery for five years.
Quince Borders placed first in the shooting competition’s intermediate division, followed by Garrett Trett and Greg Holman. For senior competitors, Tanner Hillard placed first, with Stelon Beene and Rennon Burnell in second and third.
Hillman, 15, has been shooting for a year and a half and decided to compete in the shooting tournament on a whim for the first time.
When asked, the senior competitors only had one piece of advice for shooting novices: “Don’t miss.”