What started out as an altercation during Friday’s Candlebox and Franky Perez concert at Heritage Hall ended in an altercation that left three of the six participants hospitalized and the front window of the Ardmoreite busted.
Ardmore Police received a call at approximately 10:15 p.m. Friday night about a group of men fighting directly in front of the historic Ardmoreite building, according to APD’s Sergeant Larry Payne.
The group was reportedly removed from the concert at Heritage Hall by security after causing a disturbance.
“This happened near the end of the concert, the concert was still going on when the call came in,” Payne said. “We had officers nearby at the time, so we were able to respond pretty quickly.”
Payne said the caller reporting the altercation also reported seeing one man go through the window of the Ardmoreite’s front office.
“All of them were bloodied up,” Payne said. “But no one went all the way through the window. I don’t believe they were ever inside the building.”
Payne said that three of the participants required medical attention after the altercation, with two being transported to Mercy Ardmore by ambulance. Payne said, though not likely life-threatening, the injuries suffered were more than minor or superficial and likely required staples or stitches.
“At that time of night, there are a lot of people out,” Payne said. “It’s what happens when concerts let out.”
Payne said the initial investigation was unable to prove who was the aggressor in the altercation, with initial reports pointing to mutual combat as the cause. No charges have been filed at the time of this report and no arrests were made Friday night, though Payne said assault charge recommendations have been sent to the district attorney’s office.
Damage estimates are unavailable at this time.