Local organizations are jumpstarting their fundraising efforts in anticipation of United Way of Southern Oklahoma’s next campaign.
Ardmore Habitat for Humanity has partnered with The Hurts Donuts Company for their fundraiser and The Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma is running a Taco Tuesday fundraiser next week. The campaign will officially begin with a kick-off event September 7.
Executive director tobi daniel Ervin said the kick-off event will feature multiple speakers from United Way partners who’ve worked with the organization to help their communities, who will speak in detail about what causes their organizations address.
“And when I say ‘community’ I mean everything from children’s needs to seniors’ needs to battered women’s needs,” Ervin said. “ We help those who are in the throes of addictions, those who are hungry, those who are without any kind of a shelter, that’s what all of our partner agencies address. The great news is that so many people in our five-county service area recognize it and support it. Everything from the school systems to the individuals who decide to support us.”
Ardmore Habitat for Humanity Vice Chair Deanna Wright said her organization holds some kind of United Way fundraiser every year, and will hold a second one this October.
“This is specifically for their 2018 campaign, which runs from September 1 to November 14,” Wright said. “Our whole goal is $2,000, which would be an all-time high. It’s actually more than double what we gave them last year.”
Orders will be available for pickup at 7:30 a.m. September 15 at the Ardmore Re-Store at Broadway and Washington. Habitat for Humanity will deliver orders of 10 boxes or more.
Orders can be made throughout the week at the Ardmore Habitat for Humanity office located at 301 W Main St., #30, on the ground floor of the First Bank & Trust Co. building or online at http://www.ardmorehabitatforhumanity.com. The last day to place an order is September 8.