Four-footed flood evacuees are coming to Ardmore as shelters in south-central Texas continue to empty, then refill with animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey.
Local dog rescue Stray Dog Ranch in Marietta is working with their sister shelter, Patriots for Pets Rescue and Shelter in Clear Lake, Iowa, to transport animals from flood-affected areas to available shelter space. Stray Dog Ranch has become a pit-stop where animals can receive vaccinations and rest before continuing on to Iowa.
Diane Hagler with Stray Dog Ranch said they’ve already had volunteers bringing dogs from flooded areas throughout the week alongside rescues from local shelters, and more are due next week.
“They were all shelter dogs, and they wanted to clear the shelters for the dogs who have owners who may have just been displaced,” Hagler said. “The ones people might be looking for, who’ve been rescued, who someone might have taken in. They might be able to reunite with their owners.”
Volunteer Loy Pruitt from Forever Friends Foster Care and Rescue in Ardmore volunteered to wrangle dogs for the day. She said her shelter has partnered with Stray Dog Ranch to transport dogs to Iowa and Wisconsin in the past.
 “Understand, these other states request them. They need dogs for people to adopt,” Pruitt said. “They don’t have enough, and we have tons of strays in this area.”
About 58 dogs came from shelters in the San Antonio shelter.
“I think we’ll have room for them all, and if not we’ll make room,” Hagler said.”Nobody’s going back to the shelter.”    
To register as a volunteer, email the ranch at