Jessica Wilkinson prepped the more than 20 hairstyling students at Paul Mitchell salon for a day of both service and remembrance.
On the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the tragedy of the thousands who died was fresh in their minds. She said they all took out their phones, dialed those they love and reminded them that they care for them.
“We always do little remembrance ceremonies for our staff and our students about what happened to remind them our country showed unity and love,” Wilkinson said. “I’d hope they would take from it that we support them and appreciate all they’ve done for our country and community.”
In gratitude of those who responded in the face of terror, Paul Mitchell Salon offered complimentary haircuts on Monday to rescue workers, firefighters, police, veterans and military personnel.
Wilkinson said each Paul Mitchell salon is allowed to decide how to honor those in its community. In the afternoon, the salon had already served at least six public servants, according to Wilkinson.
Gabrielle Phillips, a 20-year-old firefighter at Ardmore Airpark, visited the salon for a free haircut. A firefighter for nine months, she said she wanted to put her affinity for physical activity to work.
“I’ve always been very athletic,” Phillips said. “I wanted to put that to good use.”
Other humanitarian causes picked up by the Paul Mitchell Salon include raising money for ovarian and breast cancer awareness through the month of October.