A group of Marietta Elementary School students gave up a week of recess to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.
Kylee Carnahan, Ashtyn Newman, Jameson Muller, Shianne York and Aubrey Freeman organized a week-long bake sale to raise money for victims of the hurricane. They took shifts selling treats during recess and with a little bit of adult supervision they raised $337 for the Baptist Disaster Relief Fund.
According to Shiannne and Kylee’s mother, Michelle Carnahan, the girls’ original goal was $10 a day.
“Shianne has said that just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they can’t help,” Carnahan said. “They’re just a really good group of girls, they’re very willing to help anyone they see who’s in need.”
Muller, a fourth grader,   said the girls worked together to plan the bake sale, get permission and enlist teachers to donate baked goods.
“We all kind of worked together,” Muller said, “Lots of teachers helped. They were all generous to help us.”
Carnahan, a fifth grader, said she and her sister, York, have helped raised money with St. Jude Children’s Research
Hospital and The Salvation Army, but this was their first bake sale.
“Jameson was just thinking about the hurricane and wanted to help in some way,” Carnahan said. “(Kids) got a little wild, everyone was handing us money.”
York, a fourth grader, said her mother, who also teaches at the school, helped them make snickerdoodles and no-bake cookies, and helped them manage the table during recess.
“She helped us keep them in line so it didn’t get all crazy. We weren’t allowed to set up in the cafeteria, so we set up on the playground,” York said. “We sold out on two days and we were really close to selling out on the second day.”
Muller said some of her classmates are talking about holding another bake sale for victims of Hurricane Irma