The September 12 special election results for the City of Ardmore and Madill Public Schools Independent School District allows for both entities to move forward with their proposed plans, according to unofficial election results obtained by The Ardmoreite at 9:20 p.m. Tuesday.
Citizens were asked to vote on changes to the City of Ardmore’s charter— namely doing away with the need for a primary election when voting in commissioners and cleaning up old language. The changes were approved with 55 percent of voters voting yes.
In total, 332 people turned out to vote in the city’s election with 185 people being for the changes and 147 against.
“We’re very pleased it passed and we can move forward in compliance with the election dates set by the state,” City Manager J.D. Spohn said. “We want to thank the citizens who came out to vote. I thought the turnout was low, but we want to thank those citizens who came out to vote and made passing these changes possible.”
In Madill, voters approved a $19.85 million bond so that Madill Public Schools can build a fine arts facility which will feature a band room, choir room, speech, drama, and theater classroom, visual and graphic arts classroom as well as a gallery and commons area. The new facility will also feature safe rooms meant to withstand tornadoes.
The bond was approved by a 67 percent vote after 822 people came out to vote (533 votes for the bond, 269 against).