The Disc Sun, a sculpture gifted to the Goddard Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, was vandalized Tuesday night by four or five unidentified youths, said board members and Ardmore police.
The piece, created in 1999 and given to the Goddard Center in 2008, was created by world renowned sculptor Jesús Moroles, who lived and worked in Rockport, Texas and died in June 2015. Moroles was awarded the National Medal of the Arts in 2008 and a number of state awards in Texas.
Surveillance video reveals four to five youth spinning the top portion of the sculpture, said building supervisor Frank Clark. He said they were spinning and jerking on the circular portion for about 10 minutes, eventually causing a portion of the base to shatter.
Ardmore Police Capt. Keith Ingle said the vandals also kicked in a handful of windows in an adjacent building. He said the gender and age range of the suspects is indiscernible from the video, but the investigation will continue.
“It’s a terrible video,” Ingle said. “We’re reviewing the video and hoping at least one of the kids will come forward to let us know what happened, whether this was intentional or accidental.”
Former president of the Goddard Center and board member Jan Tindale said she was friends with Moroles for 10 years before dating him for the last six years of his life.
Tindale said Moroles was heavily involved with area schools and investing in children, whom he strongly believed in.
“It’s just a disappointment because he was so much about kids and other youth,” Tindale said. “He was always giving back to the kids and community, including this one. These kids just didn’t know that they just destroyed something really cool.”