Southern Oklahoma had more rainfall Thursday than all of September combined, but emergency officials say there’s no need for concern.
Carter County accumulated just over half an inch of rain Wednesday, and Carter County Emergency Management director Paul Tucker said he expects precipitation to top off just over an inch for the month.
“We haven’t had enough to worry about,” he said about sitting water. “We may get some light stuff, but not too much.”
But those considering driving down to Love County near the Red River for the weekend ought to be aware of the raising water levels, Love County Emergency Management officials warned.
Water levels in the Red River are expected to hike up from about eight feet to just over 21 feet, just enough to be considered a mild flood, said Love County Emergency Management director Ashleigh Gillham.
The flooding isn’t expected to inhibit Interstate 35 or the Red River Bridge. Gillham said flood levels would have to be about 41 feet, which would be around double what Emergency Management expects.
“It’s mild. It’s not anything too bad,” Gillham said. “Really, it’s only reaching a near-flood range, and we only start to get concerned around 22.6 feet. We’re not really expecting it to reach beyond that.”