On any given weekend, one might find Joe Herell or Chandler Parsons body slamming their opponents or taking a few bumps in a wrestling ring as part of the Ardmore-based Imperial Wrestling Revolution promotion.
But on Friday morning at Will Rogers Elementary School, there was no face, heel or acting. There was only sincerity and a positive message to local youngsters.
The wrestlers known as “The Truth” and “the Chickasaw Warrior Ky-ote,”  spent their Friday morning encouraging students to follow their dreams and also talked about bullying.
“Bullying is never acceptable, no matter what the circumstances,” Herell said to the youngsters. “I was bullied as a youngster, and it took me until college to get over being bullied. It’s never alright to bully someone.”
Both wrestlers emphasized to the students that if they ever see someone being bullied they should immediately find a teacher or administrator, or any adult in their school to report it.
“My dream was always to be a professional wrestler, and I followed it into a career now,” Parsons said. “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t follow your dreams and become what you want to become in life.”
The experience was one the duo savors, as they admitted it’s always nice to give back to the community in ways other than just putting on a good show in front of a packed house.
“I love doing things like this,” Herell said. “These kids are so cool and it’s fun getting to talk to them and just see their smiles when we walk into the room and start talking with them. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.”
Parsons echoed the thoughts of his wrestling colleague.
“Man I love speaking to the kids like this,” he said. “I love giving back whenever possible and things like this are always fun for me no matter where it is.”