American Iron Riders, a local motorcycle organization and nonprofit, dropped by the Ardmore Veterans Center with burgers, hotdogs and a few tunes Saturday.
The group works with the center to hold the cookouts twice a year, as a thank you to veterans.
Iron Rider Rae Anne Finley said they hold events at the center fairly often.
“Once a month we do bingo with the vets and twice a year we try to do a spring and fall cookout,” Finley said. “They are the reason that we get to ride free. This is so important to us.”
Finley said the cookouts are a group effort. The desserts are usually homemade and brought by Iron Riders and their families, while the veterans center supplies drinks and some of the food. This time around, Dot Foods donated the burgers, franks and chips while the veterans center supplied veggies, drinks, condiments and other supplies. BJ Howard, a local musician, sang and played guitar during the cookout.
“We visit and try to get to know them a little bit,” Finley said. “It’s our honor to do this.”
 Iron Riders President Mike Watkins said the group also holds fundraisers throughout the year for events like Saturday’s for veterans and charity drives for area children at Christmas and the start of the school year.  
“That’s our mission, to help our vets have fun and get to the kids that need a little help in life,”  Watkins said.
Former American Iron Riders President Ron Renzelman, who goes by “Father Time,” said the Iron Riders chose to focus on those two groups because they often need help, but might not receive it.   
“A lot of [Iron Riders] are veterans, and we know how important that is,” Renzelman said. “A lot of these guys, once they come to the veterans center, they don’t leave. This is their home, and it gets pretty lonely out here. So we just try to make their day a little better.”