An upcoming United Way fundraiser is inviting guests go totally retro for a chance to win prizes during a homegrown game of “Let’s Make A Deal” at the Goddard Center on Oct. 21.
The “live studio audience” members are highly encouraged to dress up in their best ‘70s look. Guests can win door prizes as well, and there will be a silent auction in the back of the Goddard Center at the end of the show. Prizes range from gym memberships and free tanning to Caribbean cruises and jewelry. There will also be a $5 photo booth at the event.
Grace Day Center director Megan Boyer said the idea to recreate the classic gameshow for a charity event grew out of a desire to do a unique fundraiser and her own lifelong love of the show, which she used to watch with her mother.
“I really wanted to do something big, something that people could participate in, something fun,” Boyer said. “We’re going to be giving away all sorts of prizes, it’s been crazy, the kind of stuff we’ve been given.”
The Goddard Center can accommodate 330 audience members and Boyer said they’re already close to selling out, but still have tickets available.
 “The tickets are for your chance to win, not just to watch” Boyer said. “We’re focusing more on people dressing up and playing. “We will also sell tickets at the door if they’re available, but I don’t think we’ll have to.”
Boyer said they’re doing their best to mimic the show, right down to bizarre, out-of-left-field deals that will be hard to predict. For example, giving a prize to someone carrying something as random as a hard-boiled egg in their purse.
“I’m trying to get people to bring odd things with them, because our Monty Hall is going to be really great at asking for odd things,” Boyer said.
Tickets are $25. Call 580-371-1427 to purchase tickets. The game will run from 4 to 6 p.m. on October 21.