Enable Gas Gathering, LLC was given the go-ahead by city commissioners Monday to build a natural gas pipeline near Lake Scott King.

Commissioners were presented with an exhibit during a regular meeting outlining the 50-foot wide permanent easement to be, which will incorporate a pipeline in its center. Enable Gas Gathering offered Ardmore $300 per rod, totaling $54,402 to be paid to the city.

City Attorney Jennifer O’Steen said the City Engineer, Thomas Mansur, provided a thorough assessment of the proposed pipeline. She also stated the project was approved by the Federal Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration.

A list of stipulations from Mansur was sent to Enable Gas Gathering Friday, including an assessment by a geologist and a commitment to ensure the pipeline is at least 25 feet away from a nearby water line on private property.

“We’ve come up to a solution to the right of way agreement that will list Tom Mansur’s stipulations,” O’Steen said.

O’Steen was joined by three representatives for Enable Gas Gathering. Mayor Martin Dyer asked where the pipeline would be relative to Lake Scott King, and they assured it would be north of the lake and at least 300 feet away from Lake Scott King Dam.

In other motion, the Federal Aviation Administration was approved for a 10-year small space lease for approximately 1,001 square feet of space located inside the control tower at the Ardmore Municipal Airport.

A Glock 40 Caliber pistol was also declared as surplus and authorized to be awarded to Sgt. Johnny Johnson, who Police Chief Ken Grace said was retiring from Ardmore Police Department in good standing.